South African

(Panulirus gilchristi)

Caught in the cold southern coastal waters of South Africa by using a long line lobster trap method at depths of 50 to 150 feet, this tail boasts sweet, succulent meat in a brilliant red shell. Its tail to total body mass of 45% gives it one of the highest tail yields of any lobster in the world. 

Available in 2 oz.–20 oz.

North Australian

(Panulirus ornatus)

The pristine waters off the expansive northern coast of Australia yield lobsters that possess a lustrous green shell and a tasty yet mild flavor. They are hand caught by divers, minimizing the impact on the area’s marine environment. 

Available in 6 oz.–32 oz.

West Australian

(Panulirus cygnus)

Originating from the sparkling clean and cold waters of the Indian Ocean, this tail is extraordinarily sweet and tender and can be prepared in many ways.
Did you know?  The fishery we use, The Western Australian Rock Lobster, is the first in the world to be MSC certified.    

Available in 5 oz.–32 oz.


(Panulirus argus)

A warm habitat yields lobster tail meat that is tender and flavorful.  Also known as spiny lobsters, these warm water lobster tails are smooth, have a spotted greenish shell and can be found among rocks, on reefs and in eelgrass beds.  

Available in 5 oz.–24 oz